The Project

ATMA is a thematic digital library devoted to the technical works of the Western military tradition (tactics, military architecture, ballistics, etc.) from the 16th to the early 17th century. Its aim is to make these texts accessible and facilitate their consultation and study through a series of online digital tools:

  • 3D models 
  • interactive maps 
  • technical glossary 
  • identification of intertextual references (in progress)
  • “text" version by OCR (in progress). 

The project, launched in September 2022, is in its initial phase: ATMA currently has 75 digitised texts (3 of which have been OCR'ed and can be searched using lexical terms), 2 author biographies, 1 3D technical illustration, a geographical map and 1 technical glossary.

In the months and years to come, we intend to complete this library and develop the project on which it is based by integrating it into a wider collaborative framework, at a national or even international level.

ATMA is optimised for the latest versions of Google Chrome, Opera, Brave, Internet Explorer and Vivaldi browsers. Using ATMA on Firefox, Opera or other browsers may alter certain functionalities.